The 6 Week Challenge

This weekly email bootcamp helps you explore a more conscious and sustainable way of living. Every week you will receive an email in your inbox dedicated to one of the topics below. We offer you three different challenges per topic that you can implement in your day to day.


Week #1 Plastic Free

What does “Zero Waste” mean? How can we create less waste without making our lives complicated? Learn how to shop and live plastic free.


Week #4 Food Waste

Which diet is the most sustainable and how can I incorporate it in my daily life? And how can we prevent food waste? Recipes included!


Week #2 Sustainable Fashion

Where can I buy sustainable fashion? How can we combine being fashionable without buying new clothes? How can I create a capsule wardrobe?


Week #5 Minimalism

Ever wondered what it would be like to have less stuff? We'll tackle the clutter to gain more space, freedom and maybe even some cash.


Week #3 Green Energy

Since 2017 renewable energy is officially cheaper than energy from fossil fuels. But why is it important that we support it? Let's find out!


Week #6 Community

Communities will save us. Let's create local communities and encourage an environment of sharing and caring for each other.