And The Future? is a community for people who want to live in a more conscious and sustainable way. It was founded by Tash Fanshawe and Lisa Matzi in 2017.


A Brief History of And The Future?

“We met on a course to accelerate our ideas into businesses. We bonded over avocado* on toast and came up with And The Future? Now we don't eat avocado anymore.” – Tash

It all started with a course at Escape The City. At the time Tash wanted to propel her decluttering business and Lisa was interested in sustainable fashion. Lisa started doing research on sustainable fashion and started chatting to Tash. You can read the full interview here. We spoke about how she dyed her wedding dress to get more use out of it after, how she declutters people's homes and always tries to avoid unloved items going to landfill by rehoming them. We discovered that we had a shared passion for living sustainably and geeked out over how to make our own toothpaste or how to properly dispose of old shoes.

We both had gathered all this knowledge on how to make positive changes in order to create less waste, live plastic free and lower our personal impacts on the planet. We decided to pursue this passion together. We discovered, tried and challenged a variety of things, we experimented a lot, succeeded and failed (our homemade toothpaste has been used only once ... ). We had so much fun and noticed the positive impacts in our own lives. So we decided to share them and founded And The Future? (Fun Fact: The original name was The Good, The Bad and The Future – but we deemed it was too long and hard to remember). And on August 2nd 2017 we started The 6 Week Challenge, an email campaign with a weekly topic and three different challenges for positive change. The response was overwhelming and we managed to galvanise a community of people to come together and challenge themselves.

And the Future? is now a place where we collect and share the topics, facts and knowledge that we think will positively influence our future on this planet. We investigate solutions, materials, ways of thinking, eating and living.

We hope you will be inspired, motivated and feel hopeful about what's to come. Here's to the future!

Lisa & Tash

*After we found out how much water, energy and CO2 emissions are involved in the production of avocados we stopped eating them. Not for good though. Just less of it because nobody's perfect!